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MBHD’s patented, universal, suction cup mounted Made In The USA liquid dispenser.  The Indispensible™ is designed to create a healthier living environment by encouraging small children, kids of all ages, and adults to wash their hands.  Hand washing is the #1 doctor recommended method for preventing the spread of germs which cause colds and flu as well as preventing Infection and the spread of Covid, Covid-19, Corona, Coronavirus, Ebola, Marburg, & other Viruses.

The Indispensible™ can also save you money by helping prevent the spread of cold, flu, Ebola, Marburg, Covid, Covid-19, Corona, Coronavirus, Viruses, and bacteria which often require a trip to the doctor’s office.  It uses a reduced output pump for smaller hands so you use less and fill-up less often.  The ergonomic design and suction cup mounting system keeps your counters and shelf space clean and organized.  The Indispensible™ is easily mounted and remounted to any smooth surface where liquid dispensing is needed, such as Bathrooms, Tubs, Showers, Sinks, Boats, Campers, RVs, & Vehicles.  The Indispensible™ can be used to pump nearly any liquid including antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, lotion, shampoos and conditioners.

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Suction Cup Mounted Hand Sanitizer or Lotion Dispenser for Vehicles, Car, Trucks, etc…

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Sink Mounted   Sink Mounting   Sink Mounted DispenserShower Mounted DispenserSmooth Surface Suction Cup Mounted Liquid Dispenser  Boat SinkWindshield Car Hand Sanitizer  Window Mounted Vehicle Hand Sanitizer DispenserWindow Car Hand Sanitizer   Car Windshield Hand Sanitizer

Coming soon MBHD’s patented filling adapter. The Get-It-All™ is designed to save you money by combining the remaining products of two containers.


Coming soon MBHD’s patented every day storage bag evacuator. The Sac Vac™ is designed to save you money by removing the air form every day storage bags, reducing the package size, helping to maintain freshness.

Sac Vac      Sac Vac