Indispensible™ Liquid Dispenser

Our innovative liquid dispenser was designed to encourage children to wash their hands, free-up counter space and eliminate messes on the counter.

The product design team at MBHD Enterprises LLC has developed a liquid dispenser that features a unique ergonomic design, with an adjustable mounting system and reduced output pump.  The Indispensible™ is a versatile liquid dispensing system, great for soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and hand sanitizer.  The dispenser’s conforming shape maximizes liquid volume while minimizing the space used in the sink.  The adjustable suction cups, ergonomic design and compact size allows for easy mounting to virtually any smooth surface such as porcelain, glass, fiberglass, plastic, tile, stainless steel, painted surfaces and many more.  It’s ideal for sinks, showers, boats, campers, RV’s and vehicles.  The 5 flush-mount and 2 extended-neck suction cups provide for a secure mount with nearly endless possibilities.  Please view our “How To Use & FAQ’s” page to see how our customers are using innovative ideas to improve the ability of the Indispensible’s™ suction cups to “stick” to nearly anything!!!

Our surface-mounted, stationary liquid dispenser was designed to make it easier and more convenient for children to wash their hands by making it more accessible to reach over the typical dispensers on the back of the counter.  By mounting the dispenser, any water and soap messes are confined to the sink and the dispenser can easily be removed for cleaning.  Also you can eliminate mold that can be created from containers sitting on countertops and shelves with water remaining under them that never dries by replacing them with the Indispensible ™.  The reduced output pump dispenses less liquid for smaller hands (yet still provides plenty of output for all sizes) which saves money and alleviates waste and mess.  The ease and accessibility promotes hand washing which is the # 1 doctor recommended method for preventing the spread of germs which cause colds and flu as well as preventing infection and the spread of Ebola, Marburg, Covid, Covid-19, Corona, Coronavirus, & other Viruses.  The Indispensible ™ can provide complete payback if it helps you avoid even one trip to the doctor.

The product was initially designed to encourage children to wash their hands; however, we have since discovered multiple applications that are not limited to the home, including shops, offices, boats, vehicles and RVs.  Not only do boats and RVs have limited counter space, the stationary mounting prevents shifting while in route.

At half a cc displacement from the push pump, the Indispensible™ uses two thirds less soap than normal soap dispensers.  You will save time and money by using less and refilling the dispenser less often.

The dispenser pump has a quarter turn lock for storage/traveling to eliminate spillage.

The Indispensible™ is patent protected and built tough having ultraviolet (UV) protection in the high density polyethylene, and crush- resistant body (see the twenty pound weight setting on dispenser body in the Indispensible photo gallery).  The UV protection and rugged construction makes it ideal for outdoor use such as boats with or without a sink as it requires only a smooth clean surface for mounting.

Adults and children love this product and it truly encourages proper hand washing.

The dispenser body is made in Iowa, the suction cups are made in Pennsylvania, the pumps are from a U.S. Midwest manufacturer, and the Indispensible™ is assembled in Iowa.  This product is produced and sold only by MBHD LLC, a 100 percent family owned company.  Patents on this product are the sole property of MBHD Enterprises LLC.

Typical Uses

Bathroom Sink      Bathroom Showers      Kitchen Sink      Boats      Camper/RV’s      Cars/Trucks/Vehicles   

Typical Material Dispensed

Hand Soap, Soaps, Shampoo, Conditioners, Lotions, Antimicrobial, Anti-bacterial, Hand Sanitizer


Pearl White color

6.25oz capacity

H 122mm X W 94mm X D 57mm

370 pumps once filled at .5cc pump output.

How To Install