Sac Vac™

The patented Sac Vac™ is coming soon.  While we are working on the production, Contact Us and let us know what you think about this product we have been developing.

MBHD is a product development company.  We have developed several unique and innovative appliances and house hold products.  One of MBHD’s products is an evacuation appliance designed for everyday use with every day, re-sealable bags (i.e. zipper-type).  The evacuation device quickly and easily removes the air from every day storage bags to improve freshness and compactibility.   This is truly the most universal air evacuator as it is capable of evacuating virtually any type of bag found on the market today.


This is how it works:

The nozzle is inserted into the center of the bag opening.  The bag is sealed from each side, up to the nozzle.  While holding the bag to the nozzle, you pull down on the nozzle to turn it on and start the evacuation process.  Once the air is evacuated, the bag is slid off the nozzle and the seal is completed.  There is a separation chamber for collecting any particles that are drawn into the nozzle.  Both the nozzle and the separation chamber are removable and washable.